New Video Available

"Dear fellow budoka,
I filmed this new video in December 2008 at a seminar I taught in Pennsylvania. It is 3 hours of raw footage. There is no menu or chaptering. I felt the need to share this kata with everyone who practices Iai. It is outside the Iaido circle, in fact, more in the Iai jutsu realm. I learned this kata over 25 years ago. The name of the kata is "Tsuzukeru Ugoki katana" or "continuous movement sword." It is a standing kata with 35 continuous moves in multiple directions and would be an excellent addition to any Iai students practice. It can also be used as a competition kata or a demonstration kata.
The 2 DVD set includes: Kata, bunkai and as a bonus all of the seven Omori Ryu nukitsuke. The kata is taught step by step adding moves as the previous moves have been learned. There is also some bunkai of the techniques.
Please contact:
Roger Wehrhahn, Shihan
or visit Mountain Teachings to order your video.